How to Add Users to Your Proposify Workspace

How to Add Users to Your Proposify Workspace
How to create a user in your Proposify account, send an invite link, and start collaborating on Proposals.
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All right! Your account is all set up and you're ready to start collaborating on proposals (or you've decided to invite a Proposify Expert to help you set up your template). Here's how you go about bringing a new user into your workspace.

Step 1: Navigate to Your User Settings

Head on over to Proposify and click Log In.

Once you're on your Proposify Dashboard, hover over the side panel on the left and navigate to the Users Tab.

Step 2: Invite Your Team & Collaborators

Then you want to click the big green button in the top right that says + Invite User. 

Next, fill out the info for your teammate or collaborator. Proposify will automatically send them an invite prompting them to create their account. 

And with that, you're ready to start collaborating on proposals!

PS. If you're working with Belt Creative to set up your Proposify Template, make sure to check your email first! We've sent you a unique email that you can use to invite us on as collaborators on your account. 

If you're not sure what that email is, just use the chat widget below to ask.

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